Our teams play on 16 fields across the two towns, including two lit fields.

A field use fee goes towards improvement projects, including new infields at New Waterlands and Memorial Park, a fully renovated infield at historic Cameron field, and a complete renovation of our fenced and lit Meadowland 3 field.

Our volunteer grounds crew grooms fields between games, on weekends, at our Meadowland fields.

DeHart Field

Located at the DeHart Community Center in Maplewood

Farrell Field

Located in South Orange on Walton Road just after the Recycling Center and before the fork to Maplewood Village


The entrance to these fields is on Third Street in South Orange, near the train tracks and immediately adjacent to the Gaslight Commons apartments. The fields and parking are behind these buildings. 

  • W1 is adjacent to river
  • W2 is adjacent to the railroad, farthest from the parking lot
  • W3 is adjacent to the railroad and parking lot 

Cameron Field

Located in South Orange on Mead Street directly across from Baird Center


These four fields are in South Orange, next to Baird Center and the tennis courts on Mead Street

  • Meadowland 1 (M1) is adjacent to Baird and the railroad
  • Meadowland 2 (M2) is adjacent to railroad and Meeker Street
  • Meadowland 3 (M3) is adjacent to the river and Meadowbrook Place
  • Meadowland 4 (M4) is adjacent to the river and Baird parking lot

Maplecrest Park

Maplecrest Park is in Maplewood near the intersections of Springfield Avenue and Tuscan Road.

  • Maplecrest #1 is on your left as you face the park, farthest from Springfield Avenue
  • Maplecrest #2 is the field to the right of #1.
  • Maplecrest #3 is the fenced-in field farthest to the right

Memorial Park

Memorial Park is in the heart of Maplewood across Valley Street from Maplewood Town Hall.

  • Memorial #1 is at the corner of Valley Street and Oakview Avenue, across from Town Hall.
  • Memorial #2 is also at the corner of Valley Street and Oakview Avenue, on the south side.
  • Memorial #3 is nearest the corner of Baker Street and Valley Street.
  • Memorial #4 is closest to the library, near the stream in the south-west corner of the park.
  • Memorial #5 is located next to the basketball courts near Valley Street.