What is the Travel Baseball Program?

SOM Baseball provides an opportunity for interested baseball players, ages 7 – 13 to participate in primarily summer travel leagues and tournaments. Teams are selected following a competitive tryout process during April, and begin practicing shortly after. Teams may also play in a Memorial Day Weekend tournament. Teams will compete in league play and tournaments during June and July. Once the Recreation season ends, these teams will play approximately 12-18 games and will practice 2-4 times a week. Most games are in Essex, Union and Morris counties.

Who do I contact for more questions or information?

Inquiries may be submitted regarding the program to Dave Amerikaner or Paul Hastings at the main program email or the main Rec program email at

What is the difference between the Travel Baseball program and the spring recreation league?

The spring recreation program is open to all children, regardless of ability. Teams for the travel program are selected following separate tryouts. Players are expected to have an above average level of proficiency in order to participate. Players are expected to attend nearly all games and practices. With the higher level of competition, playing time is solely at the discretion of the coach based on a player’s ability, attitude, attendance and game conditions.

How many teams will there be?

The number of teams at each age group depends on the number of qualified players who tryout and coaching volunteers in each age category.

How will the teams be selected?

Teams will be selected by considering performance at the workouts and tryouts. Other factors to be considered are the evaluations for the recreation program, a player’s performance during past travel sessions, and a player’s demonstrated commitment to baseball and the travel program. Generally, a team’s roster will include 12-15 players from the same age group.

When there are enough qualified players in any age group for multiple teams the travel committee will determine how the players should be divided. The objective being to try to make both teams competitive in games they play in.

To increase the number of players participating in summer travel baseball, depending on the number of players trying out at the different age groups, it is possible that an additional team may be created combining players from two age groups.

Where will they play?

All teams in each age group will participate in league play locally, in a league selected based upon level of competition. Some teams will play in the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth tournaments. All teams will play in other tournaments as well.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Team Eligibility is based on the child's age on April 30 - See: Rec Age Levels. Players are required to participate in the SOM Baseball spring recreation league in order to play summer ball.

When are the tryouts and when are the teams selected?

SOM Baseball will hold tryouts in late March or early April for ages 8-13. Tryouts for 7 year old players are typically held in late April/eary May mid-May. Final dates and times will be posted here when determined. Within 2 days of the completion of tryouts, team rosters will also be posted on

What can I expect if my child makes a team?

The travel baseball program was formed to allow a child who has a real desire to play baseball, to learn and improve at the next level. Coaches will focus on improving your child’s skills, reinforcing sound fundamentals, teaching sportsmanship, and stressing the importance of teamwork and commitment. Our goal is for all children participating in the travel program to come away from the experience as better players while having fun in the process.

What is the time commitment required?

Practices will begin following selection most frequently on Sunday. Once the recreation season ends practices will be held 2-4 nights a week in addition to league games which begin in mid-June. Travel Leagues typically schedule three games per week. All games including playoff games are completed by July 31. Weeknight games generally start at 6:00. Tournament games and make up games may be scheduled at any time.

Players are expected to attend nearly all practices and games as well as to commit for the entire season. If you are planning vacation in June or July, you must make the coach aware of this at tryouts. Players who fail to comply with this request will be ineligible for travel play the following year.


What is the fee for the Travel Baseball program?

Fees are determined per year, but on average have been approximately between $300 and $350 for the summer season, toward the lower end for younger players and higher end for older players.

Registration fees cover all league fees, umpire costs, uniform costs and one team tournament. Fees for additional tournament play is the responsibility of the individual team and its players. This fee includes a $20.00 per player fee dedicated to future field restoration and improvements.