South Orange Recreation Batting Cage Rules

  1. A maximum of ten players per reservation will be permitted. Player-to-coach ratio must be kept at 5-1 in order to allow for proper monitoring while players are waiting their turn in the batting cage. This means that a team with more than five attending players must have a second supervising coach in attendance. Coaches, you may have to reserve and offer multiple batting practices in order to maintain this ratio and to give each player a chance to participate. 
  2. Everyone at the batting cages must wear face coverings (as defined by South Orange health department guidelines) for the entirety of the session. 
  3. Players must bring and use their own bat and helmet. There is absolutely no sharing of equipment allowed!
  4. Coaches must supply all baseballs used for batting. If a coach needs practice balls, they may reach out to South Orange Recreation (number below) to obtain some.
  5. Only coaches may  touch baseballs during the session.
  6. Parents must supply hand sanitizer for their children. Coaches, please make sure parents remember this. 
  7. While outside the cage, every player must be more than six feet away from their respective peers. There will be designated painted boxes for players to stand in.
  8. Inside the cage, only one player and one coach are allowed at the same time. Players and coaches should make every reasonable effort to maintain more than six feet of distance from each other at all times. 
  9. Parents are allowed on the field during the session, but must remain with their child in the designated box. When their child is working in the cage, parents must remain in the designated box on the field.
  10. Players and coaches cannot use the space to work on defensive drills or pitching during these sessions.
  11. The use of cages does not permit use of any South Orange  fields and outdoor facilities, including all baseball fields, for any other activity or drills.

Batting Cage Reservation Procedure

To reserve one of the batting cages, a coach must call the South Orange Recreation Department, during office hours, one week in advance. Our front office number is 973-378-7754 x2. 

Each reservation is one hour and each team will only be allowed up to three reservations in a week, one reservation per day. (This may be adjusted based on demand).

Weeks run Sunday to Saturday.

In the event you need to cancel a reservation, you must let the Recreation Department know by calling them. If a team fails to use its reserved time, that team will lose all other reservations. Furthermore, that team will not be able to reserve the cages for one additional week. If this happens a second time with the same team, their ability to reserve the cages will be revoked.