Pitch Count Rules

We use pitch count rules to protect the health and well-being of our young players. A significant body of evidence clearly indicates that injury can and does result from the repetitive motion of pitching a baseball game after game and day after day without the necessary rest. It is our collective responsibility – League, Coaches AND Parents – to ensure that these rules are followed.

Our coaches are required to monitor and record pitch counts for all of their team players each game and throughout the season. These counts are reported to league commissioners after each game and documented. Any coach permitting a player to exceed the allowed number of pitches is in violation of league rules, putting their team at risk of forfeit and their player at risk of injury.

In addition, because we have players participating in multiple baseball leagues during the season, the league also requires parents to comply with these rules by:

  • completing the pitch count agreement if their child plays ANY position on two or more baseball teams
  • keeping the coach fully informed of the player’s pitching activities in other leagues and teams

Any violation of our pitch count rules results in a forfeit for the team that has violated the rule.

If you have any questions about the rule or its requirements, please the Commissioner for your league or the Rules Committee Chairman found at the Rules Page