Needed Uniform and Equipment Items



  • Players are provided with a team hat, team shirt, matching baseball socks, a belt, and baseball pants. They are required to wear these items to each game.
  • Players must also wear sneakers or baseball cleats to each game and practice, to be supplied by their families. Note that metal cleats may not be worn unless a player is in the Babe Ruth division.
  • All male catchers must wear a protective cup, to be supplied by their families.


Protective cups are recommended for all boys, for both games and practices. Families supply this item.


Players may also wear these items, supplied by their families:

  • slider shorts, under their pants
  • long-sleeve undershirts for warmth (note that pitchers may not have white or gray sleeves below the elbow)
  • "heart guard" compression shirts


Jewelry may not be worn on the field, except for medical alert bracelets and similar medically-necessary jewelry.



Players must supply their own glove.


Families may supplier players with their own:

  • bat
  • batting helmet
    • Check older helmets for expiration date stickers; like car seats, the protective foam in helmets can degrade over time
  • catcher's gear (if applicable)

These items may be borrowed for use during practices and games, if families do not wish to supply them.

SOM Baseball provides practice baseballs and game balls, as well as batting tees when applicable.