Youth Umpire Training

Interested in being a youth umpire? Check out the details below and register for a training clinic via the South Orange Recreation website!

Anyone who will be at least 13 years old as of April 30, 2022 is eligible to be an umpire for the 2022 SOM Baseball season.

Joining the SOM Baseball Umpire crew is an excellent opportunity for teens to gain real-life work experience. Umpires are paid employees* of the township and gain valuable leadership experience. Many who have gone through the program cite umpiring as a major factor in helping them become more responsible and confident as they move onto college and beyond. Being a youth umpire looks great on college/private school apps, scholarship applications, and much more! It's a great first job!!

This year, all classes other than the outdoor mechanics training will be held virtually. Students are expected to attend all sessions, however, please don’t simply assume you can’t participate if you need to miss any classes. Please reach out to discuss any conflicts you may have.


QUESTIONS? Contact Jesse Hein at


*13 year old umpires are not paid. However, 13 year olds that successfully complete training will receive an increased starting rate when they turn 14.