Volunteer to be a coach or team manager

The success of the SOM Baseball program rests with the many volunteers who help out in a variety of ways. Adult volunteers are needed for all teams to serve as coaches, assistant coaches and team managers.

Parent of a new player? Don’t let inexperience keep you off the field! Volunteers are especially needed in coaching and supporting roles for our T-Ball and Rookie Leagues (the more the merrier)! We offer coaches’ training and instruction to support all our new and returning coaches.


Frequently asked questions

How much knowledge of baseball is needed?

If you’re good at working with kids and can set a good tone for sportsmanship, a knowledge of baseball is not needed! The main thing we look for in SOM Baseball volunteers is to be a mentor and leader to the players. Baseball experience is a bonus. Also, we can always try to pair you with a coach who is more familiar with rules and strategy.


How much of a time commitment is it?

The expectation is one practice per week and two games. Ideally, a Head Coach can attend all and an Assistant Coach can attend most. We do understand that life does get in the way of best laid plans, so as long as one coach can attend, games and practices can still happen. And don’t hesitate to enlist parents’ help to run practices, coach bases or be a dugout manager.


Do I need any specific certifications to coach?

First time coaches are required to attend a Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. clinic, a coaching certification course. This is offered virtually and only needs to be completed once. The Rutgers certification then carries on for the rest of your coaching career (all sports). Coaches must also undergo a background check to participate.


Can I pick who I coach with? Do I need a partner?

All teams have at least two coaches. In Tball and Rookie divisions, it can be more than two. In Minors, M60, M70 and Babe Ruth, where there are player drafts, it needs to be two ahead of the draft. If you don’t have a partner, we’re happy to try to find one for you. If you do have one in mind, just let us know and we’ll do our best to pair you.


What’s the difference between a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach?

Head Coaches are the primary person running the team and should be able to attend most, if not all, practices and games. The duties of the team can be split up between Head and Assistant however you like, but generally the Head will design the practice plan, do lineups, run games, and set a good tone for the team as the face of it. Assistants ideally can do all that as well when necessary and will otherwise help however needed.


Can I select the kids who are on my team?

That depends. In the TBall and Rookie divisions, you can request that friends of your child be on your team. In Minors, M60, M70 and Babe Ruth, there are drafts that determine who goes to what team, so you can try, but it will depend on how the draft goes.


How important are coaches to the league?

This league couldn’t exist without volunteer coaches! At nearly every level, from TBall to Babe Ruth, we almost always need more coaches each year. So if you’re interested in working with kids and having fun playing baseball, there’s a place for you!


I am coaching a new division this year, how do I prepare?

A summary of the differences among divisions is here and you can find the full rules here. For any other questions, be sure to attend the coaches meeting in spring (information will be emailed out). If you have more questions, try the contacts below.


I have more questions and/or how do I get started?

You can express your interest in coaching when you register your child for the league and/or email the Coaching Committee chairs, Taylor Umlauf (tumlauf@gmail.com) and Joe Saporito (joesap@yahoo.com). For TBall and Rookie leagues, include the Commissioner of those divisions, Jason Rando (randomania@yahoo.com), as well.