2020 Gameday Playbook for Coaches

Coaches, we hope this playbook will serve as a useful guide for running a game during this unusual time.

General Rules

  • If a player is not in the game, they must have a mask on.  Period.
  • There will be Baseball Safety Ambassadors onsite to help.
  • All Fans must wear a face covering.  Period.

Before the Game

  • Encourage players to warm up before arrival
  • All players should show up 30 minutes before the game, no earlier
    • All players must wear a “face covering”
      • Have them bring and extra
      • We will have more on site if needed
    • At least one parent or guardian must wait onsite until temperature and symptoms check is complete [comment - if a parent/guardian must remain onsite the whole time (see point above), then this requirement will be mooted]
    • All players are encouraged to bring a “lawn chair” to the game
    • Upon arrival, all players and coaches must go to one of the designated Temperature and Health Screening Tents.
      • If any POSITIVES are noted on the player, they will be sent home
        • See safety guidelines for necessary actions
      • No Positives,the player or coach will get a wrist band that they are cleared to play
      • Send the player to pick a SPOT on his/her side of the field
      • A parent can accompany the player to their spot to help them set up and must then go to the spectator areas in the outfield.
  • Players will set up his/her chair, unpack and hang bag and/or drop off equipment and take a seat (chair or ground)
  • At coach’s discretion, you may have players, in pairs, go to the closest outfield grass area to play catch
    • A coach or parent must monitor the catch/warm-up activity
  • Batting practice of any kind will not be allowed
  • An adult to player ratio of 5:1 must be maintained.
    • Does not have to be certified coach to help maintaining good safely practices before, during and after the game

Start of the game

  • Have all of you players in his/her SPOT 5 minutes before the start of the game
    • DO not sit in the ORANGE MARKED SPOTS
  • When any preliminary activities (ground rules, lines up exchange, etc) are complete you may begin the game following the below procedures.
    • Please maintain social distancing during any coaches huddles

During the game

1- General

  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Maintain social distance where possible
  • Parents are strongly discouraged from visiting the player area.

2 - Your team is in the field

  • Players are not required to wear face coverings
  • Rotate game balls into the game at a reasonable frequency
    • Sanitize the ball when pulled out of the game
    • The umpires will NOT hold games balls
  • When the half inning ends
    • Players should go immediately to his/her designated SPOT maintaining socal distance from their teammates
    • Take their seat (chair or on the ground)
    • Put on their face covering
    • Wait

3 - Your team is at bat

  • All players will start in his/her SPOT
  • Once all players are settled, call the first and second batters to the dugout.
    • Wearing helmets and gloves.
    • Carrying bat
  • Send the first batter to the “On Deck” location
  • Send the Second Player to the DUGOUT/BENCH area
  • When the half inning starts
    • Send the first batter to plate
    • Send the second batter to the “On Deck” location
    • Call the third batter and direct him/her to the DUGOUT/BENCH area
  • If the batter is OUT
    • Have the batter retrieve bat
    • Send him/her back to designated SPOT
    • Maintain social distance from other players
  • If the batter is SAFELY on base
    • Retrieve the bat BY THE BARREL (not the handle)
    • Return the bat to the player’s spot
  • Repeat the process above until the half inning ends
  • When the half inning ends
    • Wait for all opposing teams players to reach his/her SPOT before sending any of your team onto the field
    • Players can remove their mask and go to their position when instructed

After the game

  • All players should go to his/her SPOT to pack bags and retrieve equipment
  • There will be no post game HANDSHAKE
    • You can be creative when showing post game sportsmanship
  • Post game “wrap ups” are allowed
    • Everyone must wear a mask.
    • Parents / fans can NOT join
    • Maintain a social disctaning circle
    • Keep it brief
  • Parents should NOT come to the player area
  • Players should put on his/her face covering and go to their parent’s location
    • Maintain social distancing when possible
    • Encourage everyone to leave the park in a timely fashion